Two-Day Canon DSLR Workshop is Expanding!

The Canon Boot Camp

We have been busy busy at the Canon Boot Camp.

Three years of training hundreds of students, and boy do we have it down. We’ve been exceeding training expectations at our Canon DSLR 5D Boot Camp longer than anyone in town. This isn’t training for the faint of heart either! It’s fun and students really appreciate our hands-on approach.  The Canon Boot Camp is down and dirty training and students walk away with, not only “dirty hands,” but amazing footage they can use on their own reel.

And they get our Canon Certification as well as a listing on our website.

Check out our most recent short film,  a romantic one to boot, created from Canon Boot Camp footage, entitled, “The Sonnet.”  And there’s more short films on the way. Make sure to stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter if you’re not already getting our updates!

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Over the past three years, we have worked constantly to upgrade and improve the class as much as possible. There is a specific result we are going for in each student. We don’t want to just listen to ourselves talk. We’ve all been to one of those seminars, right? No, we want you to walk out the door with increased ability and a certainty that your money was well spent. So hundreds of hours (maybe even a couple thousand if you include the on-the-ground-work and training we’ve done) have gone into course improvements.

Take the Canon Boot Camp Reference Manual, for example. Did you know you can get a preview of Pro Level I before you take the class, for FREE? Yes, you can download the Canon Boot Camp Reference Manual right from our Facebook Page, at no cost to you.

Once you’re at the class, we take a lot of care to ensure each person, beginner and pro, really understands AND CAN APPLY the course information.

During this 3-year developmental period, we have kept the cost of the class low. But now we find that in order to expand, we must raise the investment required by each student slightly so we can continue to improve and expand. So the cost of each boot camp will raise incrementally by $75 each month until January 2013, where it will stabilize at the new higher amount.

We’ve created registration forms for each class from now until Jan 2013. If you’ve been considering coming to a Boot Camp, you can still get in at the current investment of just under $700 (covers both days, including lunches) by attending the August Boot Camp. But after the August boot camp the amount will go up.

If you’re reading this prior to January 2013, the upcoming events are all listed on the right side of this blog. Just find the date you’re interested in and click on it, and you’ll be able to access the new pricing. And of course, you may always contact us via email or by phone.


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