Zabolights Shine at the Canon Boot Camp

Zabolight Logo

As the Producer of our Canon Boot Camp events, I always look forward to the contributions of our sponsors. We just recently added a sponsor, Zabolight, and received two 1X1 panel lights just before our last boot camp. And we put them to good use!

Thomas Myrdahl, our DP extraordinaire, mentioned Zabolights to us after using them on a shoot, which was how we came across them in the first place.

“I used the Zabo lights on a web commercial. We were in a mixed light environment, and the Zablolights with their variable kelvin dial and dimmer allowed us to work fast and keep our look constant. I really like the Zabolights.”  Tom Myrdahl, Director of Photography

Zabolights are getting popular, and for good reason. We really enjoyed having them on the set for the Canon Boot Camp. They are extremely portable and lightweight, being LED lights. The battery pack lasts forever, but you can still use the adapter to plug in if required. The  built in dimmer switch saves us time and being able to dial in more tungsten color or daylight color with a knob is especially handy.

Here’s a short video highlighting a couple aspects of the Zabolight, such as it’s bicolor feature.

When I looked into these lights further, it turns out they are already being used on a number of productions. I just wished we’d heard about them sooner!


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