Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 vs. Apple Final Cut Pro X Workshop Preview

The Association is extending it’s Canon camera classes by presenting an extensive, day long workshop, teaching filmmakers how to choose and use the next generation of editing programs with their DSLR camera. The day will be split up into two separate workshops, covering two separate editing programs: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Apple Final Cut Pro X. At this point the workshop will be in July 2012 in Burbank, CA. Stay tuned for the exact date or sign up for our newsletter RSS feed here on this blog.
Each class will go over a wide range of topics, participate in hands on-demonstrations, and in-depth explanations.  The goal is to host a fun, informative, and comprehensive tour of each editing system and how it will benefit you as an editor. These workshops are designed from the ground up to be accessible to beginners as well as thorough training for professionals.
As we gear up for the editing workshop, we wanted to show you the basic breakdowns of each editing system, how they fair on their own, and how they hold up against each other. Each of the three tables display the purpose of the tests, details about the respective programs, and a color code to help give you a visual representation of the information.
Color Code:      Green: Easy    Yellow: Moderate    Red: Hard

Difficulty Chart FCPX vs Premiere CS6

Features of FCPX vs Premiere CS6

Pros and Cons FCPX vs CS6

If you’re having a tough time deciding on what program to adopt, come and participate in both our workshops. There you’ll get a good understanding of the programs, helping you to make an informed decision.





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