Philip Bloom Canon DSLR Director

While perusing the web this morning, I came across a Canon DSLR video featured on the blog of Philip Bloom. For those not in the know, Philip Bloom is a thought leader in the Canon DSLR video community, as well as an accomplished DP, Director and Producer.

We love the Canon 5D/7D look. We love that it can save up to 85% on production costs on commercial productions as well as our custom video productions. What caught my eye about the video I saw on Philip Bloom’s blog, however, was how a single man captured the street level action at the recent "Royal Wedding of The Century." Of course, I am talking about the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.

This was shot using a manfrotto 290 series tripod, Canon 50mm, 16-35mm and a Tamaron 70-300mm lenses, and a Canon 7D:

The Canon 7D so beautifully captured the essence of the people participating in the event, it’s easy to forget that a single man with a very simple setup was able to achieve 35mm-like quality shots.

There’s the real beauty for the new cinematographer: the ability to capture life’s messages as they happen, practically in the palm of your hand. No crew needed, Mother Nature provides most of the lighting.

Of course, when we shoot our short films in our Canon camera classes, we often use a full set up. And lighting. But because of the huge sensor in the Canon 5D and 7D, we have the option of a very light crew and virtually a backpack’s worth of equipment.

Do you have a short film using the Canon DSLR? We’d love to see it. Send it to and we’ll pick a few to feature in upcoming blogs.

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